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Our entire Bakery is completely free of the Top 9 Major Allergens. We have strict policies in place to ensure our customers safety.

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We are located in Aberdeen, New Jersey.



Thick marbled layers of brownie batter and gooey chocolate cookie dough combined


Peanut FreeTree Nut FreeSesame FreeGluten FreeSoy FreeDairy & Egg Free



Our customers LOVE US!


These oatmeal raisin cookies are incredible and they are my go to choice. I've tried them all and they are all really good. It is incredible that they are not card-boarded in taste like other plant-based cookies I have tried before.


I can honestly say that I thought this was just going to be another disappointment I have bought many products and always they end the same way too chalk or like cardboard. But much to my surprise i can tell you that what a burst of flavor I have tried them all. You actually can't tell it taste just like the real deal fresh enjoyable. You feel you can cheat without doing so I can say that I have found my pot of gold in baking a difference. And this dessert is always on my table. Brownies, Brookies, Linzer tarts, oatmeal you name it. I'm glad that they are making a difference in my life . They are the best I have ever tasted I have really bought so many products and the truth is I have threw them in the garage to cardboard or chalkey. And the people in my congregation that tasted them said the same thing


When we first tasted your freshly baked goods, a smile appeared on all our faces. Your baked goods instantly became our favorite cookies at first bite! Each had its own intoxicating "freshly baked right out of the oven" irresistible smell, taste and texture. Each one of us gravitated to a favorite baked good. They included the delightfulness of brookies, brownies, linzer tarts, and the apricot oatmeal bars which happen to be my very favorite. All tasted of the naturalness and deliciousness of nutritiously filled and freshly baked with love cookies. Your baked goods provide an amazingly unique gluten, dairy, soy, egg, peanut, tree-nut and sesame - free, vegan, allergy friendly and guilt-free snacking opportunity. This is quite a wonderful dessert option! | even dine on apricot oatmeal bar for breakfast along with green tea, which has provided a great start to my busy days!


Had my first Linzer tart from BADaf and it was absolutely delicious. Excellent portion compared to calories and the homemade jelly was incredibly tasteful. Highly recommend as a healthy and diet sensitive treat!

Becca MCustomer

"As a sweets lover but also a picky eater, I have to say the brookie was one of the best treats I've had. The texture was perfect and it's just a great combo when you want a sweet treat!"

Karen MCustomer

One of my favorite desserts is a simple cookie, the raspberry linzer cookie is so delicate and light with so much delicious raspberry flavor, it is a must for the cookie lover!


All of these desserts at this Bakery are PHENOMENAL! You literally cannot go wrong with the brownie... however.. The Linzer Tart?? are you kidding? I can eat those all day long. I don't feel heavy eating these treats. A gentle fullness of happiness and love!